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Universal MegaPlate Kit with Spike (Silver) - Big Shot Promotions

Universal MegaPlate Kit with Spike (Silver)

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This specially engineered Metal Spike is used to keep your kit secured and locked into the ground.

Compatible with Cluster Pole Kits, Long Pole Kits, Short Pole Kits, Tower Kits, or MegaPole Kits.

The MegaPlate was designed specifically for heavy kits that require enhanced stabilization in a variety of different landscaping conditions. Perfect for our Outdoor Cluster Kit or keeping any other Pole Kit upright at all times in loose soil and/or extreme winds. The 6" diameter plate ensures your pole doesn't dig itself into the ground and the three surrounding 8" X-stakes limit any side to side movement of the kit. A center ball in the middle of the MegaPlate allows you to mount your spike vertical on sloped grades. Reusable Helium-free Pole Kits are intended to sway back and forth 24/7 in the wind so the center ball surrounding your spike prevents wear into the MegaPlate and can be replaced as needed. Average life of the MegaPlate center ball is over 2 years. This MegaPlate is easy to install and will keep your Pole Kits standing upright for years to come!