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Universal MegaPlate Kit with Spike (Blue)

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The MegaPlate was designed specifically for heavy clusters of ground-mounted balloons that require enhanced stabilization in a variety of different landscaping conditions. Perfect for our Outdoor Cluster Kit or keeping any other Pole Kit upright at all times in loose soil and/or extreme winds. The 6" diameter plate ensures your pole doesn't dig itself into the ground and the three surrounding 8" X-stakes limit any side to side movement of the kit. A center ball in the middle of the MegaPlate allows you to mount your aluminum spike vertical on sloped grades. Reusable Helium-free Pole Kits are intended to sway back and forth 24/7 in the wind so the center ball surrounding your spike prevents wear into the MegaPlate and can be replaced as needed. Average life of the MegaPlate center ball is over 2 years. This MegaPlate is easy to install and will keep your Pole Kits standing upright for years to come! Anodized metal Ground Spike is included in this kit. Color: Black MegaPlate components & blue center Spike.