Who We Are
We are a small promotional, marketing, and development company with high expectations and a deadline oriented attitude. From the moment we opened for business, we have diligently worked to provide our clients with outstanding customer service and polished, innovative products that exceed expectations.

Our Vision & Philosophy
Combining our skills of creative design and cutting-edge products and materials, Big Shot Promotions continues to deliver engaging and results oriented solutions to satisfied clients all over America. As a result, our clients have shown their appreciation through continued repeat business. We are here to promote our client’s businesses in a way that clearly represents the vision and direction they define.

As a family and friends oriented business, we take great pride in all of our work.  Our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service and we always treat our customers like family! 

Meet Our Team

Kane Holtvoigt
President and Owner

Toll Free: (888) 600-7595
Kane was born with the entrepreneurial gifts many dream of, and by aligning his goals and his vision, he created Big Shot Promotions from scratch.  A mere two years later, he has grown the company on a national scale and is working to expand internationally in the near future.  As a leader that embraces the concept of putting customers first, Kane’s attention to detail and an unrivaled dedication and passion to Big Shot Promotions continues raise the bar of what customer satisfaction means.

Keenan Holtvoigt

VP, Director of Finance & Marketing

Toll Free: (888) 600-7595 xt 1

No stranger to hard work and dedication, Keenan carries a rather illustrious work background and list of accomplishments rarely seen today.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, an uncanny flow of technological creativity, and an “outside the box” mentality, Keenan takes pride in everything he puts his mind to.  You would be hard pressed to duplicate the value Keenan brings to the table.  Simply request free mobile app demo for your business and see for yourself!
Mike Stone
Regional Director for AL, GA, FL, TN

Toll Free: (888) 600-7595 xt 2

The old guy of the group, as we sometimes jokingly say, Mike Stone has been with Big Shot Promotions since the company was founded and has proven to be an irreplaceable member of the team.  Mike goes above and beyond the expectations and is vital to the success of our southern market.  Numerous customers rely on Mike daily to provide them with timely service and product suggestions to improve business.  We are constantly amazed by Mike’s work ethic, his efficiency, and we sometimes wonder if he’s actually Superman. 

Dan Coffman
Regional Director for OH, MI, KY, NC, SC

Toll Free: (888) 600-7595 xt 3

A jack of all trades, Dan embodies the characteristics and traits a growing company needs and should require.  The success of our northern market and eventual expansion internationally rides heavily upon Dan’s shoulders, and the milestones we have reached already would not have been possible without Dan’s devotion to his work.  Dan is full of creative ideas, new marketing opportunities, he reaches for the stars, and he continues to drive and motivate the rest of us on a daily basis.