Indoor Balloon Service

All of our service plans are month-to-month, and we don't do contracts.  We do, however, ask for a verbal commitment of three months in most cases.

Permanent Indoor Balloon Rental Services


Our Everbrite Indoor Balloon Displays are unlike anything you have ever seen!  Unlike latex balloons which fade and deflate in a matter of weeks, our Everbrite balloons are made from a silicon/rubber like material that is designed to last for years.  On top of that, they will stay shiny and inflated 24/7 regardless of the temperature or airflow within your establishment.  We have had our Everbrite displays installed in numerous automotive dealerships for over a year and they still look brand new.  

With our Everbrite Service Plan, we will professionally install our displays to ensure that they won't fall down.  Once a month, we will visit your establishment to check each balloon for proper inflation and we will inspect each line to ensure it still has a secure connection.  We normally replace the balloon colors on a quarterly basis to refresh the showroom look.  Monthly color changes are available for an additional swap-out fee and are contingent upon schedule and product availability.

As with all of our services, our Everbrite Service Plan is a month-to-month, no contract verbal agreement. However, with our Everbrite Products we do ask for a solid three month service commitment as they are a premium product and initially costly on our end.  Pricing is variable based on location and the amount of product required to "fill in" your showroom.


Latex Indoor Balloon Monthly Service

We proudly provide our Indoor Balloon Latex Services to automobile dealerships in several states, and through this we have developed unique, affordable, and eye-popping designs for all types of showrooms.  Showroom presentation has become our specialty, and our company goal is to provide our business customers with more than just flashy decorations, but with an economical, pressure-reducing solution for your sales business and its showroom floor.  Our Latex Balloon Displays will typically last for 30 days, and we will come in each month to swap them out for new color schemes.  Many of our customers love seeing their balloons refreshed to match various sales or holidays, and we always try to accommodate the holiday displays with creative mylars for that "extra" holiday feel.

We offer a month-to-month, no contract, service solution where we will replace your showroom balloons each month with new colors of your choice.  Pricing varies by location and size of store.